Temperature Data Processing



IODP logging contractor: USIO/LDEO

Hole: U1362A

Expedition: 327

Location: NE Pacific Ocean

Latitude: 47° 45.6628' N

Longitude: 127° 45.6720' W

Logging date: August 12, 2010

Sea floor depth (driller's): 2672 m DRF

Sea floor depth (logger's): 2673.5 m WRF

Casing shoe (driller's): 2980.5 m DRF (308.5 m DSF)

Casing shoe (logger's): 2979 m (downlog); 2981 m (pass1); 2982 m (pass2) WRF

Total penetration:  3200 m DRF (528 m DSF)

Total core recovered: 44.4 m ( 30 % of cored section)

Oldest sediment recovered: N/A

Lithologies:  Highly fractured and altered basalt, both pillow and massive.

Temperature Tool Used: Modular Temperature Tool (MTT)


Tool Information


In 2005 the Borehole Research Group of the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory designed a temperature tool that could acquire data in combination with a Schlumberger tool string or as a stand-alone tool in memory mode. Schlumberger designed and provided the telemetry interface hardware. The tool measures borehole temperature and axial acceleration of the tool string, as well as power supply and reference voltages and internal temperature'. The MTT uses low-temperature electronics, housed in a dewar flask to permit use up to 250° C for limited periods of time. A stand-alone MTT can be used in high-temperature conditions in the absence of a high-temperature telelemetry tool string.



Data Processing


The temperature data acquired with the MTT are depth-shifted and depth-matched during the processing of the standard log data. For a complete account, refer to the Standard Data Processing Notes.


Additional information about the drilling and logging operations can be found in the Operations and Downhole Measurements sections of the expedition report, Proceedings of the Integrated Drilling Program, Expedition 327. For further questions about the logs, please contact:


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