IODP Expedition 309/312: Superfast Spreading Rate Crust 2 and Superfast Spreading Rate Crust 3
Figure 5a

Formation MicroScanner (FMS) resistivity images (static normalization) of depth intervals 345 - 355 mbsf, 470 - 480 mbsf, and 645 - 655 mbsf recorded during Expedition 309. Natural radioactivity, electrical resistivity (LLD: LateroLog Deep, LLS: LateroLog Shallow), density, photoelectric effect (PEFL), neutron porosity and capture cross-section (sigma) are reported on the right columns. (A) Transition between the lava pond (Unit 1) and thin flows (Unit 2) at 348 mbsf. This transition is characterized by a strong decrease in the electrical resistivity.