IODP Expedition 320-321: Pacific Equatorial Age Transect
Figure 8

High-resolution bulk density downhole logs from Holes U1337A (black) and U1338B (red) with depth scales shifted and stretched to match the different sedimentation rates at the two sites. Blue = nannofossil events and respective ages. Pa Rp = Paracme Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilicus. Dh = Discoaster hamatus. Cm = Coccolithus miopelagicus. Dk = Discoaster kugleri. Sh = Sphenolithus heteromorphus. Dd = Discoaster deflandrei. Depths of nannofossil events are core depths below seafloor (CSF) and they may differ from the wireline log matched depth below seafloor (WMSF) by several meters.