IODP Expedition 327: Juan de Fuca Ridge-Flank Hydrogeology
Figure 6

Selected UBI ultrasonic images from Hole U1362A. The images are displayed as unwrapped cylinders oriented to north. Amplitude refers to the amplitude of the reflected ultrasonic waveforms while the radius data have been converted from the ultrasonic pulses' transit times. The corrected radius image virtually centers the UBI sonde within the borehole: it is apparent from the uncorrected radius image that the sound was eccentered through this interval. Dynamic normalization uses a color range for each depth interval based on the maximum and minimum image values within a sliding 2 m window; static normalization establishes a range based on the maximum and minimum image values over the entire imaged interval. (A) Example of a smeared interval with both vertical and rotational smearing. (B) Example of an apparently truncated image section. (C) High-angle cross-cutting feature (visible as a sinusoid) that may indicate the transition from a pillow basalt interval to an underlying sheet flow.