IODP Expedition 330: Louisville Seamount Trail
Figure 2

Summary of downhole and corresponding core physical properties measurements and log unit divisions, Hole U1374A. Measurements include gamma ray (UBId = Ultrasonic Borehole Imager downlog, TCm = triple combination main log), caliper, density (Moisture and Density (MAD) measurements plotted using CSF-A depth scale), resistivity (IMPH = medium induction phasor-processed resistivity, IDPH = deep induction phasor-processed resistivity), neutron porosity (APLC), MAD porosity, and P-wave velocity (velocity core = Vp measured on discrete core samples [CSF-A depth scale], Vp = compressional wave velocity measured with downhole sonic sonde [main and repeat runs]). A summary of core recovery and stratigraphic units is provided at far right.