Borehole Seismic Data

ODP logging contractor: LDEO-BRG

Well name: 792E

Leg: 126

Location: Izu Bonin Forearc (NW Pacific)

Latitude: 32° 23.96' N

Longitude: 140° 22.79' E

Logging date: May, 1989

Bottom felt: 1798.2 mbrf (used for depth shift to sea floor)

Total penetration: 885.9 mbsf

Total core recovered: 361.9 m (48.2 %)


TOOL USED: WST (Well Seismic Tool)


The logging data was recorded by Schlumberger in LIS format. All processing, including first arrival picking and stacking, was performed by Schlumberger during Leg 126. The data was then converted into SEGY format at the Schlumberger processing center.


Stacks are generally calculated with at least seven good traces.


All the data in the SEGY files are sorted shot by shot (i.e. chronologically).


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