ODP Leg 176: Return to Hole 735B

 Figure 5

Downhole logs for Hole 735B

Plots showing the Leg 118 density (118 RHOB), Leg 176 density (176 RHOB), Legs 118 and 176 discrete laboratory measurements and photoelectric effect (PEF) in track 1; array epithermal porosity (APLC), Far/Near detector porosity (FPLC) and Legs 118 and 176 discrete laboratory porosity measurements in track 2; spectral gamma-ray (HSGR) and computed gamma-ray (HCGR) in track 3; and thorium (THOR), uranium (URAN) and potassium (POTA) in track 4. The bottom scale in the plot axis shows the scale increments for the bottom-most curves displayed above the plot and the top scale shows the increments for the top-most curves shown above the plot.