ODP Leg 176: Return to Hole 735B

Figure 16


Core reorientation using Borehole Televiewer (BHTV) and Formation MicroScanner (FMS) data.


A fracture within the gabbroic cores recovered from Hole 735B has been oriented using BHTV and FMS data. The BHTV data was collected after the hole was cored to a depth of 500 m in 1987 and the FMS data was obtained ten years later after the hole was deepened to 1500 m. A second fracture that is not apparent in the BHTV or in the core images has also been identified in the FMS data. This fracture seems to be either a recent tectonic feature or a drilling induced fracture since the FMS images were obtained after the original hole was drilled and BHTV data was obtained