ODP Leg 191: Northwest Pacific Seismic Observatory

Figure 1

Location map of seismic station coverage in the northwest Pacific. Black circles indicate land seismic stations, whereas red circles are current and proposed seafloor borehole observatories. Leg 186 (Sites 1150 and 1151), Leg 191 (Site 1179) and future Leg 195 (planned Site WP-1) locations are reported on this map.

Abbreviations: YSS: Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, Russia, NMR: Nemuro, Japan, HCH: Hachijo-shima, Japan, PHN: Pohang, Korea, OGS: Chichi-jima, Japan, MCSJ: Minami-tori-shima, Japan, ISG: Ishigaki, Japan, TGY: Tagaytay, Philippines, PATS: Ponsei, Mictonesia, PMG: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.