LogDB ODP/IODP Sonic (re)processing
This utility was initially developed for the 2021 ECORD Summer School as an introduction to acoustic processing. While most sonic logs recorded for ODP and IODP are of good quality, some holes did not provide the optimal conditions for the sonic tools, because of poor hole conditions or of an environment very different from the oil fields for which they were designed. This utility provides a way to assess the quality of any of the logs recorded by array sonic tools in logDB and to reprocess the waveform to improve the velocity logs when necessary.
First select an ODP Leg or IODP expedition:
then choose a hole from that leg/expedition:
developed with Seismic Unix (SU) and The Generic Mapping Tool (GMT)
comments/questions/suggestions? contact gilles guérin (guerin@ldeo.columbia.edu)