Search Logging Data

The Borehole Research Group has collected and processed logging data for a number of research projects around the globe. The data are available through the following search pages.

Scientific Ocean Drilling

Access all the logging data recorded over more than 50 years by the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP, 1968-1983), the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP, 1985-2003) and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP, 2004-2013), now the International Ocean Discovery Program:

Scientific Continental Drilling

Projects, mostly in the US, where logging data helped address topics from local tectonics and geology to seismic monitoring or carbon sequestration.
  • Search all logging data from these projects,
  • Or search the data from individual projects:

    Gas Hydrates

    Logs are some of the most reliable tools to study gas hydrates in situ. Logging was a key component of the following projects, led by diverse consortia of government agencies, industry and academia, investigating the potential of gas hydrates as a hazard or a resource: